About Us

A warm welcome from GEMS Heritage Indian School - Dubai

Welcome to GEMS Heritage Indian School Dubai, a new chapter in the annals of the UAE’s oldest educational heritage, dating back to 1968. GEMS Heritage Indian School is the latest addition to the GEMS portfolio of Indian Schools that collectively shape the futures of close to 15,000 students. Residents of South Dubai can now access a school that is poised to take Indian Curriculum education to a bold new level.

GEMS Heritage Indian School draws from the rich legacy of the reputed “GEMS Our Own Schools” tradition to deliver an environment where intellectual and creative growth is enhanced to full potential, ushering holistic growth. Over the years, the Our Own schools have garnered a “Good” rating by DSIB inspection testifying to GEMS’ excellent management and delivery of curriculum at an affordable fee point.

At GEMS Heritage Indian School, we will integrate “STEaM” initiatives into the curriculum. This academic best practice is designed to increase collaborative opportunities and rigour, encourage critical thinking, improve student achievement and enhance personal growth through authentic learning opportunities. It is about moulding your child’s skills and abilities to align with the real world, now and in the future.

As with all GEMS school, GEMS Heritage Indian School is committed to the continuous professional development of its staff. Towards that purpose, the school will engage only the most competent and dedicated professionals who share our vision of helping students identify and develop their talent within the school and community, and turn them into lifelong learners with the confidence to excel in today’s world.

Our Vision

To be the school of choice for parents who wish to secure the future of their children through the CBSE Curriculum. Inspired by the success and experience of the existing GEMS’ “Our Own” portfolio across the UAE, we aim to deliver a supportive and committed learning environment that will usher in a new generation of lifelong learners.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering inclusive education that is truly student-centric and designed primarily for students of Asian origin. Every student will be encouraged to develop and extend their intellectual and creative horizons to enhance holistic growth.