Cricket Facilities and Technology

Unmatched facilities, technology and equipment of the GEMS Heritage Cricket Academy

Unmatched Cricket Facilities

The GEMS Heritage Cricket Academy facilities have been designed to maximize development and performance with world class indoor and outdoor facilities. These are:

  • 3 international-size turf pitches with floodlights
  • Ample spectator area
  • Biggest live-stream screen
  • 21 cricket nets
  • International-grade cricket pavilions
  • VIP spectator lounge
  • Bowling machines
  • Full cricket gear for all ages (From KG to Professional)
  • PITCHVISION ONE - Green screen training facility
  • Cricket museum (Upcoming)

State-of-the-art Technology

PITCHVISION ONE, used by a number of international and county teams including Cricket South Africa & International Cricket Council, is a motion tracking system combined with video analysis. The system allows for instant video feedback and measures speed, deviation, registers foot landing position and also produces pitch maps. For batsmen, the ability to view their footwork in relation to where a delivery has pitched is invaluable and will help our school players better understand what the coaches would like them to improve and how they can take their game to the next level.

Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces

High standard grass and artificial net provision for GEMS Heritage Indian School Students is found on the cricket ground, and these are now being supplemented by the outdoor nets, which are designed to become the best training surface for youths in the country.