Our Executive Principal

Mr. Darryl Bloud

As the Executive Principal of GEMS Heritage Indian School, it is my privilege to lead a school that will redefine excellence and ensure that every child has a meaningful education in a stimulating and safe environment.
With over 40 years of experience in education, I take great pleasure in outlining our philosophy – build on every child’s strength and help them embrace success through academic excellence and holistic, all-round development.

I believe an enriched curriculum makes all the difference. With the CBSE framework as the underpinning foundation for all we do, our team of teachers will transform and infuse it with internationalism. It is about looking to the future without losing sight of the past.

Music, dance, drama, art, physical education, communication and life skills form the basis of life today, in tandem with science and technology and personalised learning. I am immensely excited about the prospects of GEMS Heritage School. With your support we can positively influence your child's learning experience.

At GEMS Heritage, we are on a journey in our quest for excellence. Our success thus far is evidenced by strong relationships built on the bedrock of trust with parents, teachers and students. This is our core value.

Darryl Bloud
Executive Principal