Admissions Process

How to begin your child's journey...

GEMS Heritage Indian School is an inclusive school which adheres to the Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework. The GEMS vision for Inclusive Education is that we achieve excellence together by all students receiving the support they need to meaningfully belong to their school and wider community, feel valued for their contributions, engage purposefully in learning and experience academic, cultural, social and emotional success in a common learning environment.

At GEMS Heritage Indian School, we welcome children with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination (students with special education needs and disabilities), students who are gifted and talented and students who are English Language Learners. Our staff are committed to educating all students in a common learning environment with similar-aged peers. At GEMS Heritage Indian School diversity is made visible as a strength, respectful relationships are continually enhanced and all children fully participate in learning through adjustments and teaching strategies tailored to meet the diverse range of learners reflected in wider society.

Please share full details of any special educational needs, individual education plans (IEPs) and any Educational Psychologist, Pediatric, or other specialist reports (e.g., Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy) if completed. Sharing educational history with GEMS Heritage Indian School prior to a place being offered is essential so that staff can ensure an appropriate assessment of educational need, educational plan and resourcing is in place. Admission is not conditional on the submission of a medical diagnosis and we have effective transition processes in place for all children.

Students are not refused admission based only on their experience of a special education need or disability (SEND) and we give sibling priority for admission to students who experience SEND. Staff follow KHDA guidance and procedures for scenarios where, very rarely, it may not be in the best interests of the child to be placed in GEMS Heritage Indian School. This information will be shared with the KHDA, following expected procedures.

1. Introduction

All students are eligible for admission to GEMS Heritage Indian School if it is believed that the school can meet their particular needs. GEMS Heritage Indian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, colour, gender, or national origin and seeks to accept all qualified students who apply.

All applicants at GEMS Heritage Indian School might require to undertake an assessment based on their previous school performance which will be evaluated by staff in school. Applications for admission can only be accepted when all documentation required is made available to the school.

2. Admission Process

Admission policies and procedures have been established to make certain that students are appropriately placed at GEMS Heritage Indian School, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of school policies and the application process. Proper placement will ensure that those students admitted benefit fully from the educational program offered and that they will have a higher probability of a successful learning experience. The Admissions Team is committed to working together with parents to determine the educational placement that is best for each child.

It is mandatory for parents to fill up the online application form available on the school website with all relevant details which will be reviewed by the admissions team and will then notify parents by phone or email on availability of vacancy for the respective grade and discuss the next step to proceed.

Age Criteria Guidelines set by KHDA:

  • For admission to KG 1 the child must be 4 years old by 31st of July.
  • For admission to KG 2 the child must be 5 years old by 31st of July.
  • For admission to Grade 1 the child must be 6 years old by 31st of July.

Documents Required:

  • 2 Years of School Reports for Grade 1 and above (the most recent report must be included)
  • Nursery report for KG 1 and KG 2 (if applicable).
  • 4 passport size photograph of the Applicant
  • Copy of Applicant’s, Father’s, Mother’s Passports with Visa Page.
  • Copy of Applicant’s, Father’s, Mother’s Emirates ID
  • Immunization Report
  • Transfer Certificate – Original

Transfer Certificate Attestation Guidelines (Grade 2 and above):

For students coming from India:

  • The Transfer Certificate has to be attested by the Education Officer of the Zone / District / Area, from where the TC has been obtained.
  • The seal and signature of the Education Officer has to be attested by the UAE Embassy, India
  • Indian Consulate, UAE
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE

For students coming from Gulf countries other than the UAE, The Transfer Certificate must be:

  • Attested by the Indian Consulate of that country
  • Attested by the Ministry of Education of that country
  • Stamped by the Ministry of External Affairs of that country
  • Stamped by the UAE Consulate / Embassy located in that country

For students coming from Emirates other than Dubai, the Transfer Certificate must be attested by Ministry of Education of that Emirate.

Enrolment Priority:

  • Students who meet admission requirements will be enrolled on the following priority:
  • Siblings of currently enrolled students
  • Children of staff and administration
  • Ex-students
  • Other students who have completed application procedures and meet entrance requirements.

Year Placement:

Placement is used in order to best serve the educational needs of the student. The school reserves the right to place a student at the year level that best serves the educational needs of the child regardless of the previous year completed or age of the child. If the school feels that year retention is in the best interest of the child, parents will be asked to sign a Retention Form to confirm support of the decision.

Class Placement

The goal of the class placements is to create equal sections within each year level. Each of the sections will be as balanced and diverse as possible.

3. Fee Payment

An application fee of AED 525 (inclusive of VAT) payable by all students at the time of submission of application forms. Application fee is refundable if not offered a place, however, if a place is offered, it is non-refundable and non-adjustable. Registration deposit is payable after the student has been offered a place and parents have accepted the offer. The registration deposit is 10% of the total tuition fees, and is non-refundable, however adjusted towards the first month tuition fee. School fees must be paid on or before the first day of the relevant School term to secure the student’s place at the School. Failure to pay any School fees may result in exclusion of the Student from the School. All termly reports, reference letters and Transfer certificates would be held until full amount is paid.

4. Monitoring and Review

This policy has been discussed and agreed by the GEMS Heritage Indian School staff and leadership team for implementation and is reviewed annually.