Offering a curriculum enriched with age-appropriate, vertically-integrated co-curricular activities that are complemented by well-planned academic visits, as part of the the activity-based CBSE learning best practices.

In Kindergarten we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum framework which revolves around seven areas of learning. The emphasis throughout the Kindergarten is on the prime areas of learning engaging the children in first-hand learning experiences with a very strong emphasis on play and early communication skills.

Our approach:

  • Integrated learning
  • Thematic approach
  • Child Initiated /Teacher led activity
  • Differentiated work
  • Reading and Writing Programme
  • Developing and enhancing Innovation and Enterprise skills
  • Field trips

In Primary, we take strength from the very best practices of British education integrated with the Indian CBSE curriculum, which together, with the expertise of well-qualified teachers, deploying the very latest methods of teaching and learning, offer a curriculum that enables pupils to achieve their academic potential and ensures that each child becomes a life-long learner. Students study English, Mathematics, Environment studies, Language, Arabic, Islamic Studies/ Moral Science and Computer science, following the UAE’s Ministry of Education Curriculum.

One of the targets of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 is to increase the sense of belonging and the awareness of the Emarati and other cultures. Heritage plans and teaches programs of lessons based on the UAE Ministry of Education curriculum for social studies.

  At the Primary level, the use of Lego will build skills for the 21st century, stimulate critical and practical responses to real life problem solving.

In order to match the pace and academic demands alongside the holistic growth of our students, in the middle school we prepare them to accept challenges and set goals. Subjects offered would include English, Mathematics, Science, Computer science, Social studies, Language, Arabic and Islamic Studies/ Moral Science. Students will master grade level science, technology, engineering and mathematics content, practices and processes, integrate STEAM contents with other disciplines, answer complex questions, investigate global issues, solve real world problems and meet real world challenges while engaging in meaningful, purposeful, and relevant hands- on inquiry- based, problem – based and/ or project based learning experiences.

Music , Art and Craft, Physical education and sports activities will be included in the time table to make sure skills are developed and are used regularly.


The School offers a unique international experience for students with a special focus on developing 21st Century Skills. They learn to appreciate the diversity the world has to offer and will be enriched by a kaleidoscope of ideas and perspectives.  The GEMS core values are part of the planned curriculum and form the foundation for our educational programmes.